Monday, May 30, 2011


I have recently begun listening to audiobooks, although hesitant at first I quickly fell in love and in the last 24 hours have laughed with Bernice as she bobbed her hair, cried when Benjamin Button became so young that he failed to exist and gasped as Dorian Gray discovered the truth behind his portrait... Although the pleasure of reading the written word could never be matched there is something quite satisfying about "reading" whilst working...However I do feel a tiny bit of guilt, like I owe it to the author to read for myself... Is anyone else an audiobooker?

ps- I found a few photos from the crypt that I thought i'd share, apparently there was a time when I liked to accessorise with combs..


  1. I recently did a road trip and had Bill Bryson's "A short history of nearly everything" to keep me company. I'm a convert x

  2. That sounds awesome! I usually listen to radio shows full of fun facts so that sounds right up my alley, adding it to the listen list now xx

  3. This is a little late to add to this but... I'm a recent convert too! My addiction started with Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry. The Best Thing Ever! I appreciate them most when sewing, as I find an album i've put on comes to its end too soon, and if i have my ipod on, i find i want to skip songs too often!
    Only problem is, i find my local library does not stock very many of the 'classics', which i prefer to read. Most audiobooks there are not to my taste.

  4. Clare! Thank you so much for that recommendation. I haven't read Harry Potter in over 12 years, however as soon as I read your comment I downloaded the audiobook and spent the entire day listening along like a little kid.

    Steven Fry is so amazing! He should seriously record all audiobooks from now on.... I love the man! I've had trouble finding books I enjoy too which is a shame as I love nothing more than sewing and audiobooking- a match made in heaven. Perhaps Mr Fry will expand his repertoire?

    x Katie-Louise

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  6. I agree about the Harry Potter. I listened to that as well. Wonderful Reader. The Lord of the Rings books were also read by a fantastic reader. I do art restoration and spend my day in a quiet room all by myself and this is the best way for me to get a lot of "reading" done. Ive listened to A series of Unfortunate Events, Faulkner, all of the Jane Austen books. Lotr, Harry Potter, The Peabody Series, Chronicles of Narnia, Tons of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Alice in Wonderland, a couple D.H Lawrence. Right now I am on a Dickens kick. I have all in all probably listened to at least 50 audiobooks over the last several years. I find some books I struggle with if the reader is so so, but there are so many wonderful readers out there and soon you'll start looking for books based on the reader too. I HIGHLY recommend A Series of Unfortunate Events read by Tim Curry. They are children's books but written and read very very well.And I don't even mind paying late fees. Gotta support our local libraries right?


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