Saturday, June 11, 2011


I do love a long weekend, especially when it involves royalty... It seems so odd to me that we still have a holiday for the Queen... however i'm not complaining as it is the perfect excuse to bake tea cake, drink copious amounts of milky sweet tea in handsome china and listen to the Clash and the Smiths and the Cure annnnnnnd Joy Division... my very favourite activities.

Heres to a weekend of embracing all things British! Anyone up to anything exciting? Please do share!

Post Script- Here is a lovely weasel friend that I made last year.. he has a matching body complete with weasely hands and feet but I prefer to team it with something a tad more classic.


  1. That weasel is ridiculously amazing. I know, it is really strange to have a holiday for the queen. I'm for Australia becoming a republic. Still, when the Queens birthday weekend comes around I'm not complaining! I would love to meat up for tea and treats by the way! Whereabouts in Melbourne are you? I'm living in the city at the moment (!?) so can easily get anywhere. I am unfortunately working full time though, so that limits me quite alot! Feel free to send me an email, let me know if you have any ideas! xx josephine.frances.ryder[at]

  2. your dresses and blog are super inspiring. i love it. i'm so glad i found your blog!!



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