Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dairy Bell Love

Earlier this year I was out for dinner with some friends, on the drive home I noticed an old fashioned ice cream parlour and begged my pal to pull over. It was like a dream come true and thus my love with Dairy Bell begun. I swear the decor (and prices) haven't changed since the early 1970s.. it kills me!

This evening Melbourne was terribly dreary and rainy, so the Mr and I jumped in a car and headed to the one place I knew would put big sweet toothed smiles on our faces.... She did not disappoint. Although I over estimated the amount of ice cream I could eat in one sitting I smuggled the enormous Sundae out with me and am currently nestled in layers of blankets indulging in the amazing sweet treat. I kind of wish every day could end this way...


  1. words cannot describe how good that looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mabel Time

  2. The only way to make a dairy bell trip better is to add the southern hemisphere's largest Spotlight ;)

  3. I can almost taste that banana split through the screen!

  4. Thank goodness for Melbourne. The Lismore Dairy Queen closed a long time ago. Its been light years since our local Woolworths has a Soda Bar featuring Banana Splits. Back then the sign said if you need attention call the lady in the blue. I wish that lady was still around!!


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