Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Birds

A few months back I had to absolute pleasure of making a pair of wedding dresses for Melbourne based artist Belinda Suzette. She chose the most beautiful contrasting quilting cottons for me to work with and as soon as we had a fitting I knew the dresses were perfect for her!

The wedding had a bush dance themed and looked like an absolute blast! Bails of hay, bunting, kiddies dressed as cowboys and a folk band complete with washboard player and jug blower.

This project meant so much to me as I spent time with both Belinda and her now husband Patrick and they were such beautiful people. Heres to the happy couple!

By the way, do yourself a favour and check out Belinda's website, she is one talented lady!


  1. I love the whole thing from top to bottom. The colours are amazing. I want to get married again (to the same person) so I can do it like this.

  2. These pictures are so absolutely gorgeous - wonderful post.


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