Friday, September 16, 2011

Melbourne in the Springtime

Yesterday was the most perfect Spring day so the Mr and I went for a long bicycle ride down by the ocean. I was so excited by this glimpse of summer that I came home and made a sundress out of the softest lightweight floral. I'll be wearing it today when I go to a Tulip Festival with Josie, i'll make sure to grab some snaps!

One of my favourite things about Melbourne is the biking culture. I ride my bicycle to uni everyday and although I was really reluctant to ride on the road at first I have actually found car drivers to be really thoughtful! There are also bike lanes on most main roads as well as some amazing bike paths that follow the seaside all the way along the coastline.

I'm starting to get itchy feet for the Summertime. I'm dreaming of extra long bicycle rides, sewing many more sundresses, taking lots of film photography, lounging about in the sunshine and sipping spiked punch whilst watching the sunset into the ocean....

What excites you most about Summer?


  1. What gorgeous pictures! I am in love with your bike ^^

  2. Looks wonderful! I live in Brisbane and am heading down to Melbourne on the 25th september. I was thinking of hiring bikes and riding through St Kilda!
    my favourite thing about summer is my family holiday to the beach for two weeks!

    can't wait to see the dresses you'll be sewing :)

  3. Beautiful photos, you are so adorable you make me want a bob again! x

  4. Thank you Kailey, i'm planning on weaving flowers all over the frame very soon x

    Hannah, that is a great idea. I live in St Kilda and am always riding down by the beach, so beautiful at sunset! Your summer sounds perfect, I grew up just south of Byron Bay and love nothing more than going home over Christmas and frolicking on the pristine beaches x

    Hannah 2, thank you! I tried to grow my bob out last year but failed miserably, I love it too much!


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