Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spring Picnic

Two Saturdays past we had a wonderful picnic in the hills. Growing up on the far north coast I haven't seen much of Victoria, I was astonished by the picturesque green rolling hills and fresh mountain air. I'm not much of a city slicker and spent most of the day dreaming of what life would be like residing in such a beautiful dwelling.

Josie has become a vegan baking queen of sorts and made the most delicious vegan cupcakes, so amazing! The following week I sampled her vegan carrot cake which equally blew me away. I'm going to need to get some baking lessons of her post haste!

Photograph by Katherine!

I'm hoping this Spring will be filled to the brim with plenty more picnics and day trips spent with the finest of company. If you'd like to see some more snaps from this wonderful day you can visit Josie's blog here!


  1. Love the girl in the denian jacket's hair.

  2. You girls sure know how to picnic down south!


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