Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Cakes!

Last night was my final class fundraiser for the year. In an effort to make a little more dough my Mr made the most beautiful Strawberry/Vanilla baby cakes. I always knew he was a man of many talents, you can see his paintings here and another beautiful tumblr here. However I was unaware of his secret baby cake master skills. Needless to say they were a smash hit.

They are so delicious and adorably cute that I figured they deserve their very own post. For the last 24 hours i've had Frank Zappa's 'Baby Snakes' stuck in my head... but the lyrics have changed to Babbbbby Caaakes!


  1. I'm sorry I couldn't make it Katie! I'm glad it was a success, the cakes look amazing! x

  2. Eee these look absolutely delicious, not to mention completely adorable!

  3. Oh wow, they're making my mouth water! And it's 12.01... midnight snack perhaps XO Minna

  4. Gee thanks for your baby cake love ladies! I'm not going to lie... they are the perfect midnight snack ;)

  5. Oh no, baked goods that are too adorable to eat! I always feel bad eating cute things...

    Mabel Time


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