Monday, October 10, 2011

Secret Love



A few more photographs of me enjoying couches and empty houses.

I had such a productive weekend.... finally my motivation has kicked in! This energy may of been fuelled by red wine and rap... ah I may as well admit I have a weakness for Jay-Z and (ahem) Nelly... try to listen to rap and not bounce... it's just not on the cards.

This unlikely beverage/music fusion had me sewing like madman and I now have a 1960s male suit and white dress shirt in the making, two very special hand painted silk skirts completed and a third skirt made for a lovely lady friend of mine. I also managed to squeeze in some fabric shopping, movie watching and coffee dates. I sure hope the coming weekends follow suit!

If anyone else would care to divulge their secret musical preferences I am all ears...


  1. Now how do we top J-Z! xx How about Fatboy Slim!!

  2. I pretty much love Avril Lavigne....

    Mabel Time

  3. I'm ashamed to enjoy Katy Perry. I even have her first album on my iPod. *cringe*


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