Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Ghost Train

Well Thursday night had me confronting one of my biggest fears... Ghost Trains. I spent most of my childhood either running for my life or crying my eyes out whenever I glimpsed a ghost train at a carnival. 

Fast forward to age 15 when a friend convinced me to go on my very first ghost train. Harmless fun she said... after the most terrifying 5 minutes of my life we emerged from the train, I was feeling triumphant having faced my fears. My mum came running up to me with a face full of concern and asked me what had happened. There was a gash in my forehead and blood streaming down my face. Turns out a man dressed as Freddy Kruger hidden in the depths of the ride had embraced his character a little too passionately. I confronted the thuggish carni taking tickets and told him what had happened... he denied all accusations and I was left to face the rest of the evening with a wounded face (and heart).

You may think it crazy of me to board a ghost train after enduring such a traumatic experience 8 years earlier but I figured it was time to face my fears and i'm so glad I did. For one I now have this awesome photo of Michelle and I being terrified by a really pathetic inflatable ghost. Secondly I got to experience an amazingly cheesy vampire themed comedy restaurant. I'm a total convert, if I could eat all my meals out of skull shaped crockery and watch vampires doing T-Rex covers, my life would be complete.


  1. Oh, you look so pretty and your friend looks like Rose Byrne!

  2. What a traumatic story!!! At least you had the nerve to go on the ride even thigh you were scared. I was terrified of roller coasters when I was younger and I'd wait in line for hours and chicken out when I was supposed to board the ride.

    Mabel Time

  3. I love roller coasters but I have to admit it Im scared of ghost trains and this was even prior to the afore mentioned Freddy Kruger incident. I'd give this one a whirl though especially as you ride with your full wine glass in hand it would seem.


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