Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kiss Me Polka

The week is flying by as usual, filled to the brim with coffee, sewing and mexican food. My bike sadly fell apart so I have begun walking to uni everyday, its about a half hour walk which i've really been enjoying. Much more relaxing than riding on the road and having to lookout for cars... Plus I can listen to music which always helps me greet even the most ungreetable of days.

Tomorrow night my class is going on an excursion of sorts to Dracula's theatre restaurant. This is kind of really exciting because from the age of 8-11 it was my dream to work at one of their restaurants as a Vampira style Vampire.... So this may still be a hidden desire of mine, i'll let you know after I scope the place out tomorrow evening.

This blouse never ceases to make me smile. Whenever I wear polka dots i'm reminded of John Candy in Home Alone and his polka band from Cheboygan, Michigan. Who could forget their extensive polka repertoire?... Twin Lakes Polka... Domavougi Polka A.K.A. Kiss me polka...Polka Twist...


  1. You look beautiful that blouse is gorgeous and Dracula's restaurant sounds so cool! x

  2. That is one spectacular shirt.

    Draculas? Hmmm... let us know what you think.

  3. Laughed too hard at the John Candy reference. :D Love the blouse. <3


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