Saturday, October 1, 2011

Past, Present and Future

When my boyfriend and I moved to Melbourne in July of 2008 we had a suitcase each, no furniture, little money and all the time in the world. We spent our days discovering Melbourne's best kept secrets, wandering through unknown streets and Oli started taking beautiful black and white photography which he developed in our tiny bathroom. We also spent a lot of time in cafes, I disliked coffee immensely before moving to Melbourne but within a few weeks I was endlessly longing for my next cup.

These photographs make me terribly nostalgic for a time when the future was so uncertain and Melbourne was a big cold city of which I knew nothing about. Our empty apartment was like a stark blank canvas just waiting to be painted and within time it was; with friends and furniture and the lives we had began to live. Next year we will be packing up our Melbourne life and heading to the States and after that to anywhere our hearts desire.

I have met so many wonderful people since moving to this fine dame of a city and will miss them dearly, however I also can't wait to wave goodbye to my possessions and spend my days driving through unknown cities and towns once again uncertain of what the future will hold.


  1. Beautiful photos. I'm so envious of the freedom you have, to live wherever you fancy.


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