Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winds of Change

With my female costume handed in I am starting to feel some relief. This weekend i've actually been able to sew some dresses for the shoptake some beachside walks and cafe breaks which has been amazing... despite the gale force winds.

I find its worth taking a break from something you love just so you can truly realise how much you enjoy doing it. I've had some many dress ideas in the past days I can't keep track of them.

Its Melbourne cup weekend which has most people celebrating... I being terrified of fascinators and high heels and locking the doors, watching Mad Men and sewing 1960s inspired frocks instead. I've accumulated so many great plaids lately so Peggy dresses are a must! I also have some ravishing red lace fabric that is screaming Joan wiggle dresses, these babies are going to be hard to let go of...

Finally... my street is ruled by cats, sometimes they even wander into my apartment (usually upon my beckoning...) As a child cats hated me and would always attack upon my approach. I've made it my goal to become accepted and even liked by cats .... this little guy followed me down the street tinkering and meowing so perhaps I am becoming successful in my mission?


  1. Oh, sounds like you are going to have a lovely long weekend! I'd much rather stay in and be cosy than stumble around the muddy race tracks with the drunks. Looking forward to seeing some plaid dresses! Xxx Claire

  2. This is such a gorgeous post! By the sound of it. that kitty was completely enamored with you! ^^

  3. Your cat friend is lovely.

    I, like you, am staying away from the Spring Racing Carnival.

  4. i'm so glad that i found this blog! you have no idea how glad... your etsy shop is so cute!


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