Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rear Window

Some sneaky photographs taken out of the rear window before I jumped on my bicycle and headed to school today. I spent the afternoon reciting poetry over music in a scarily professional recording studio. Having not really done any voice over-ing before I was quite shocked when I heard my own voice being played back through speakers... do I really have a drawl and drop all my g's? Apparently so! It ended up sounding pretty good nonetheless.

In other news last week I was walking down the street when to my surprise I saw a lovely lady hopping along wearing my Red Betsy dress, she looked like such a darlin' and paired it handsomely with brown tights and brown pixie boots. I wanted to run up and declare my love for her but she ducked into a store before I could do so (perhaps for the best...)

Next week I begin rehearsals for my end of year show, I haven't performed on stage for many years but am really looking forward to treading the boards once more!


  1. Love the flowers in your hair and the green skirt.x

  2. OMG you look too cute. Your hair is gorgeous.

  3. It is strange to hear my speaking voice on tape,too. I can't believe it's that bad lol. I too love your hair as I've mentioned before.

    Mabel Time


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