Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sun Dappled Afternoons


(via pinkwargasm, anneyhall)

I wish the festive season could go on forever. Lazing around drinking wine in vintage slips, eating strawberries, feeling the warm summer sun on my face and spending countless hours googling 1920s beauties is almost too good for words.

I am clutching onto the last few days of 2011 as I know once the New Year hits I am going to be working like a dawg before I head off to the USA in April.... Yahoo!!

Having said that I am off to soak up the last of the sun and watch the sky start to twinkle with 
incredibly bright stars - something I miss terribly whilst i'm in the city.


  1. Love the second picture - have been trying to track down the biography on them for ages!

  2. Stunning pictures! I really love the third and the last one ;)

  3. Aren't the gorgeous! Kailey, I would love to track down a biography too, would love to hear if you ever come across one x


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