Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winds of Change

With my female costume handed in I am starting to feel some relief. This weekend i've actually been able to sew some dresses for the shoptake some beachside walks and cafe breaks which has been amazing... despite the gale force winds.

I find its worth taking a break from something you love just so you can truly realise how much you enjoy doing it. I've had some many dress ideas in the past days I can't keep track of them.

Its Melbourne cup weekend which has most people celebrating... I being terrified of fascinators and high heels and locking the doors, watching Mad Men and sewing 1960s inspired frocks instead. I've accumulated so many great plaids lately so Peggy dresses are a must! I also have some ravishing red lace fabric that is screaming Joan wiggle dresses, these babies are going to be hard to let go of...

Finally... my street is ruled by cats, sometimes they even wander into my apartment (usually upon my beckoning...) As a child cats hated me and would always attack upon my approach. I've made it my goal to become accepted and even liked by cats .... this little guy followed me down the street tinkering and meowing so perhaps I am becoming successful in my mission?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Audrey Grace Photoshoot #2

I am in love with the latest photoshoot for Audrey Grace Boutique modelled by the lovely owner herself Jaclyn! The pop up store will be opening in Jackson on December 17th... Ladies get excited!

The above dress is a custom design blue organza number I made for the store which i'm sure i've posted about before. I love the way Jaclyn teams it with chunky black boots and tights yet still manages to ooze femininity.

On a final note, my lovely friend Josie of Frances Baker has created some beautiful custom designs for the store, you can see the darlings here! 

Here are a few more of my favourites from the shoot...

Dress and Floral Crown by Kelsey Genna

Dress by Alice Takes A Trip (I really love this one)

Dress by Dear Creatures, Coat by Luella, Lou Lou Loves You Bow

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Cakes!

Last night was my final class fundraiser for the year. In an effort to make a little more dough my Mr made the most beautiful Strawberry/Vanilla baby cakes. I always knew he was a man of many talents, you can see his paintings here and another beautiful tumblr here. However I was unaware of his secret baby cake master skills. Needless to say they were a smash hit.

They are so delicious and adorably cute that I figured they deserve their very own post. For the last 24 hours i've had Frank Zappa's 'Baby Snakes' stuck in my head... but the lyrics have changed to Babbbbby Caaakes!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Dreamin'

I'm finding it so hard to get anything done lately because my mind is so preoccupied with travelling to the US next year. Whenever I start something my minds begins drifting and before I know it i'm in a haze of vanilla milkshakes, cherry pie, Special Agent Dale Cooper, American suburbia ala Edward Scissorhands/Now and Then/American Sweetheart/Blue Velvet annnnd hotdog stands... and I don't even eat meat. I have an incredibly over active imagination which can be a distraction a times but is usually an excellent form of entertainment....

It has really started warming up in Melbourne. I had to take my stockings off at uni today, first bare leg day of the season! I also cut the sleeves off a dress that I couldn't bare to go without all summer long. Its kind of nice to not worry about layers and tights and blankets and heaters. Well i'm off to watch Bill Murray films for the rest of the evening.

By the way, what have you been day dreaming of recently?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Am currently obsessed with pinning paper flowers into my hair and lounging like a cat in the sunshine....  Not good news considering the number of deadlines creeping up on me. Eeeeeep!

I'd like to invite any Melbourne readers to a little fundraiser my costume design class is hosting at Red Bennies this coming Sunday. There will be burlesque beauties and other spectacles, I will be there sipping refreshments and tapping my toes (if its anything like last Friday I will be dancing enthusiastically with a rusty industrial fan attempting my best windswept video clip look) 

Anyway, it will be a smashing evening and I would love to see you there! If anyone is interested you can find out more on the Facebook page!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Ghost Train

Well Thursday night had me confronting one of my biggest fears... Ghost Trains. I spent most of my childhood either running for my life or crying my eyes out whenever I glimpsed a ghost train at a carnival. 

Fast forward to age 15 when a friend convinced me to go on my very first ghost train. Harmless fun she said... after the most terrifying 5 minutes of my life we emerged from the train, I was feeling triumphant having faced my fears. My mum came running up to me with a face full of concern and asked me what had happened. There was a gash in my forehead and blood streaming down my face. Turns out a man dressed as Freddy Kruger hidden in the depths of the ride had embraced his character a little too passionately. I confronted the thuggish carni taking tickets and told him what had happened... he denied all accusations and I was left to face the rest of the evening with a wounded face (and heart).

You may think it crazy of me to board a ghost train after enduring such a traumatic experience 8 years earlier but I figured it was time to face my fears and i'm so glad I did. For one I now have this awesome photo of Michelle and I being terrified by a really pathetic inflatable ghost. Secondly I got to experience an amazingly cheesy vampire themed comedy restaurant. I'm a total convert, if I could eat all my meals out of skull shaped crockery and watch vampires doing T-Rex covers, my life would be complete.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kiss Me Polka

The week is flying by as usual, filled to the brim with coffee, sewing and mexican food. My bike sadly fell apart so I have begun walking to uni everyday, its about a half hour walk which i've really been enjoying. Much more relaxing than riding on the road and having to lookout for cars... Plus I can listen to music which always helps me greet even the most ungreetable of days.

Tomorrow night my class is going on an excursion of sorts to Dracula's theatre restaurant. This is kind of really exciting because from the age of 8-11 it was my dream to work at one of their restaurants as a Vampira style Vampire.... So this may still be a hidden desire of mine, i'll let you know after I scope the place out tomorrow evening.

This blouse never ceases to make me smile. Whenever I wear polka dots i'm reminded of John Candy in Home Alone and his polka band from Cheboygan, Michigan. Who could forget their extensive polka repertoire?... Twin Lakes Polka... Domavougi Polka A.K.A. Kiss me polka...Polka Twist...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Secret Love



A few more photographs of me enjoying couches and empty houses.

I had such a productive weekend.... finally my motivation has kicked in! This energy may of been fuelled by red wine and rap... ah I may as well admit I have a weakness for Jay-Z and (ahem) Nelly... try to listen to rap and not bounce... it's just not on the cards.

This unlikely beverage/music fusion had me sewing like madman and I now have a 1960s male suit and white dress shirt in the making, two very special hand painted silk skirts completed and a third skirt made for a lovely lady friend of mine. I also managed to squeeze in some fabric shopping, movie watching and coffee dates. I sure hope the coming weekends follow suit!

If anyone else would care to divulge their secret musical preferences I am all ears...

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Velvet Bird

Lola Sings the BluesLola Throws a Party pumpkin plaidLola Throws a PartyLola Braves the High Seas

I have been a long time follower of Vanessa's blog 'The Velvet Bird' and fell head over heels in love with her new collection
which was released last week. Plaid, Velvet, Bows and Peter Pan collars teamed with simple shift and smock designs....
its easy to see why this collection makes me giddy. If you haven't visited Vanessa's blog I highly recommend it.
She keeps pet goats, lives in the woods and has a tattoo of a handsome racoon in a suit... need I say more?

Plus she is currently hosting a giveaway for one of her beautiful dresses, huzzaah!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Under the Boardwalk

Balmy afternoon strolls on St Kilda Beach have been essential this week. I love going down there on sunny days when theres hundreds of people swimming and drinking, it has a whole Venice Beach vibe going on. Also this time of year is prime time for puppy spotting, one of my very favourite activities. Some of the pups are so small its hard to believe they can walk.

The evening these pictures were taken I met this lovely lady in the city for beers at the Carlton, I had never been there before and was amazed by all of the incredible taxidermy. The night progressed into boozing at Shanghai Dumpling House (possibly charming the waiter so much we were rewarded with free dumplings) and ended up at rooftop bar which on a still night is one of my very favourite places to be, despite the killer walk up about 10 flights of stairs. I also discovered that maraschino cherries and pear cider were meant to be together, so delicious!

I hope everyone has been having a lovely week!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A small collection of films stills from an 8mm film Oli made in Brisbane when I was a wee 19 year old.

Some days when Melbourne is all grey and miserable I long for warm Brisbane afternoons spent climbing trees, drinking beer and lazing on the couches on our ginormous veranda. Or maybe I just long for the times when I was younger and could still go out dancing every night of the weekend and wake up smiling Monday morning.

I am currently counting down the weeks until I finish my costume design course. With several major costumes to construct I should probably be more concerned with sewing rather than indulging myself in nostalgia... Actually I kind of thrive on last minute pressure, is anyone else guilty of this? I can go weeks without sewing a stitch then in the last few days i'll get an energy burst and sew like a crazy lady.

Lets hope such energy graces me soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Past, Present and Future

When my boyfriend and I moved to Melbourne in July of 2008 we had a suitcase each, no furniture, little money and all the time in the world. We spent our days discovering Melbourne's best kept secrets, wandering through unknown streets and Oli started taking beautiful black and white photography which he developed in our tiny bathroom. We also spent a lot of time in cafes, I disliked coffee immensely before moving to Melbourne but within a few weeks I was endlessly longing for my next cup.

These photographs make me terribly nostalgic for a time when the future was so uncertain and Melbourne was a big cold city of which I knew nothing about. Our empty apartment was like a stark blank canvas just waiting to be painted and within time it was; with friends and furniture and the lives we had began to live. Next year we will be packing up our Melbourne life and heading to the States and after that to anywhere our hearts desire.

I have met so many wonderful people since moving to this fine dame of a city and will miss them dearly, however I also can't wait to wave goodbye to my possessions and spend my days driving through unknown cities and towns once again uncertain of what the future will hold.