Saturday, January 7, 2012

Atom Bombs Shimmy

Last month I went to Sydney for my Grandmother's 90th Birthday and was lucky enough to see my brothers amazing surf rock band Atom Bombs play three times. They had me shimmying so much I thought I was going to break something!

Here's a snap of myself and Mick (the father of my very favourite pug) jiving to my very favourite tune (Do the...) ATOM. 

You can hear more and download on their band camp page. If you're a Sydney sider I heartily encourage you to see one of their live shows... It's like a trip back in time to the 1960s Californian beach party of your dreams... floral lei's, Hawaiian shirts, shell necklaces and all!


  1. You look gorgeous (as always). That dress beautiful.

    How cool are pugs?

  2. cool, will keep my eyes peeled! Definitely need to find some good new bands here in Sydney and 60's surf rock sounds right up my alley.

  3. Thank you Miss Tallulah!! I know, I love them SO much! I can't wait to for the day when I have one (or three) of my very own ;)

    Caitlin you'll love them so much! They played with the Fabergettes who are a bunch of babes that play wonderful surfy 60s pop and are decked out in the sweetest vintage frocks!

  4. Love that photo of you and Mr jones!!

  5. You look so fabulous! And Mick's shirt is the (atom) bomb.


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