Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Festive Longing

 Dressing Elvis the family dog up like a pretty girl...

 Coffee with my beautiful Mum

 Moet and Candlelight

Nachos and Champagne at the local RSL... (probably my very favourite place to visit as my Grandpa used to take me there as a kiddie on special occasions)

As the New Year is now upon us and I have resumed my hunched position at the sewing machine i've found myself thinking longingly about the wonderful Christmas break I spent with my family. I thought i'd share a few candid holiday snaps which pretty much sum up my daily holiday activities: drinking, eating, lounging and soaking up every minute of canine companionship! Also how could I forgot the joy of Happy Days and the Brady Bunch everyday from 5.


  1. Beautiful Katie :) I'm so glad you had a proper relaxing break!

  2. Hey, where do you get your little flowers from? I LOVE them.


  3. Lovely photos, yeah your hair makes me drool x

  4. Thanks Jo!

    Miss Tallulah- I get my flowers from Clegs in the city, they had a huge variety for Melbourne Cup, i'm pretty sure they still have a small selection!

    Ahhhh, thank you Hannah :)

  5. Oh, the dog!!! I had a dog like that, Penny. I loved her sooooo much :)

    Your nachos and champagne look quite choice!

    Mabel Time

  6. i stumbled upon your blog through etsy! love your hair.. i'm always looking out for different ways to wear flowers. =) are those three separate flower clips or just one??

  7. Thank you chinoicherie! I found these flowers at a local fabric store, each flower is separate with a piece of millinery wire for the stem. I simply wound 3 flowers together by twisting the wire into a loop and then secure to my hair with a few bobby pins :)

    Wearing flowers make me feel so cheery, I find it hard to leave the house without floral hair adornments ;)


  8. Beautiful pictures, I love those flowers and that dress!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue


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