Thursday, February 2, 2012

Like a Man

Photographs by Montclare

I am incredibly envious of my other half's wardrobe, particularly this amazing vintage wool military coat and felt fedora... If the coat didn't threaten to swallow me whole I would definitely be taking it out on the town. The quality of male clothing never ceases to surprise me, not to mention the practicality. SO many spacious pockets for keeping trinkets and treats! 

This week has been a challenging one as I am currently learning how to drive. For some reason driving never appealed to me as a teen, I was far too busy listening to the Cure in my bedroom and teasing my hair in an attempt to look like Robert Smith. So now, rather than learning in a sleepy beachside town I am learning in a busy city, which I think will be all for the best in the long run. With 3 driving lessons in 24 hours I went from barely grasping the concept of steering and being the victim of road rage to driving home on a busy main road... very chuffed indeed!

Also I believe this is the first time Oliver has made an appearance on my blog, huzzaah! I'm pretty lucky to have such a talented man by my side, he takes most of the photo's for my blog, cuts my bob perfectly every time and makes a mean cup of tea (said tea is being consumed as I type this) You can see more of his beautiful photography over at his blog Montclare


  1. You are so beautiful! I love your fella's pictures of you! What a wonderful blog to discover! :) Zoë x

  2. Your man has awesome hair! I think your reason for not driving couldn't be any more perfect. Driving is hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it! After all teenagers can do it :)

    Mabel Time

  3. Thank you so much Zoë!

    Mabel, he has the best hair! People (young and old, male and female alike) are always stopping him in the street and asking to trade hehehe. Thank you so much for the words of encourage, I keep telling myself the same thing, already i'm getting much better and can't wait to be on the open road behind the wheel :) xx

  4. Cannot believe your boy does your hair so adorable! you look amazing as per usual! x

  5. Aw so nice that your man is cooperative about being in/taking photos for your blog. Mine won't--can't complain too much though since he built my website--and cuts my hair too.

    Anyway I'm a new reader and I love your style and that of the guests you feature.

  6. Thanks Hannah, I feel pretty lucky to have such a talented chap!

    Hi Sabina, thank you so much for your kind words :) Aw, maybe he'll come round to the idea of blogging. My boyfriend couldn't resist, he even started his own!


  7. He's gorgeous -bcan't believe you have a man who will both cut your hair and document your beauty in photos xx


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