Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trams rides and threads

I have fabric shopping down to a fine art. The key is to arrive knowing exactly what you want. Otherwise, the beautiful fabrics and notions can have you browsing for hours and spending all your pennies on handsome buttons and lace rather than the fabric you actually need... (something i've fallen prey to more times than i'd care to admit)

Other than the occasional inner tears when I can't find the fabric I need, I really enjoy visiting fabric stores. The staff are always really friendly and love talking to me about the latest period drama on television, which is kind of funny as I don't even have a television but usually end up rushing home and downloading all their recommendations. This is how I discovered Downton Abbey!

I love how Oliver manages to make something that seems so mundane to me look so beautiful, I can't tell you how many times i've hurried past walls of embroidery thread and not so much as glanced their way.

Lastly I wanted to say a big thank you to Ale of Rosaspina Vintage, in her latest post she models one of the custom dresses I made for Audrey Grace Boutique and looks absolutely lovely. Seeing ladies in my dresses makes my heart sing.

Photographs by Mont Clare


  1. This is so gorgeous Lou. I love the organzas you are mulling over. Olivers take on the embroidery cotton aisle is sublime. Gives me the same feeling I ge looking at all the coloured pencils lined up just waiting to be used to crate something wonderful! Now I just have to practice not getting distracted by those buttons!

  2. Beautiful photos, you are so beautiful!, I am awful in fabric shops/haberdashery stalls. I have so many bits piled up that I intend to make stuff with, but do not make the time!

  3. I've never been to a real fabric store. I've only ever been to this chain place called Jo-Ann Fabrics. The fabric store (Mood) they go to in NYC on Project Runway always looks so lovely. You're lucky you can sew!!!

    Mabel Time

  4. Oh Louise, you're such a charming looking lady :) And you can definitely tell by these pictures how you do feel at home surrounded by fabrics. I wonder if that gorgeous red organza came home with you in the end ;)
    Thank you so much for your lovely words on my latest post, I'm very glad that you enjoyed it, your frock is a real pleasure to wear!


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