Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tumblr Inspiration - 1920s Erotica

I've been on a bit of a tumblr kick lately and thought i'd share some of my very favourite 1920s erotica photographs. The vintage lingerie, bobbed hair and cheeky poses drive me crazy. I plan on recreating most of these outfits, I already spend most of my home time lounging around in vintage slips and silky tap pants so I guess all I need now is a pair of lacy bloomers with the derriere cut out...


  1. Wow they're racy, aren't they? But in a sexy way that modern pics rarely achieve ;)

  2. I love that they have real bodies: boobs and hips.

    I was being so patonising without realising it, going "Oh, aren't they cute?" I am quite usre "cute" was not the look they were going for.

    I feel I do not have the thighs for tap shorts. :(

    But love them all - great pics. Although they leave me in hair nowehere land: I swing between '20s through to the '60s, I need an all era haircut. :/


  3. Is the one lady chaining the other lady to a tree?? lol. I laughed when I saw that picture.

    I love the bobs. Your bob blows their bobs away, however. Great post!!! :)

    Mabel Time

  4. Please, please start sewing & selling 1920´s-style lingerie! That would be such a dream come true

    -Eloise xx

  5. Eloise - I have actually been toying with this idea lately! I've recently made a pair of silk tap pants and am hoping to make some teddies and bralettes... I want to use luxury silks and laces so it may be a while before I start selling them but it is definitely on the cards :D x


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