Saturday, February 11, 2012

Warm Summer Nights

The past fortnight has been filled with dreamy summer nights in the city, cafe hopping, apartment packing, dancing till my feet near fell off and giggly sleepovers. 

I've been trying to capture day to day life on disposable cameras. I love how grainy and old the photographs look, plus I feel like i'm 11 all over again which isn't such a bad thing. Looking at these pictures is filling me with Melbourne nostalgia, but film always makes me feel that way.
I did have another disposable camera that was doing the rounds but after one too many champagnes it somehow ended up in the toilet... Still not quite sure how that happened.

I hope everyone is having a smashing weekend, i'm off to shoot some new dresses!


  1. Gorgeous photos there is something about the grainy effect that make them so dreamy.

  2. These are beautiful. Sounds like it is Melbourne at its best!

  3. I think it is great using film camera too. We just delete bad digital pics, but on film we can't, and they are the ones in a few years time we will laugh at.

  4. Delightful pictures, you look lovely.x

  5. I love these photos - disposable cameras are great! I haven't used one in ages. :)
    -Andi x

  6. Such gorgeous photos! Love your dress in the first one :)

  7. LOl at you and your friends looking sostylish and gorgeous... at Taco Bill. ;)

    You are consistently fabulous.


  8. Thanks ladies, i'm definitely going to be taking more. I love the grain!

    Hehehe Tallulah I loooove Taco Bill, so cheesy!


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