Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Sur


After a rugged week of camping along the California coast we have landed in Sonoma, a charming town north of San Francisco known for its vineyards. Lazing in the afternoon sunlight with a belly full of wine, I couldn't be more content. We had a tiny taste of San Francisco on the drive through last night, I cannot wait to spend more time in that darling city!
Earlier this week we were lucky enough to stay a few nights at Big Sur. It was one of the places I really wanted to see, probably because I listened to this song a million time as a teenager... It was so beautiful falling asleep under the ancient Redwoods and waking up each morning to the trickling of Big Sur river. Despite a run in with a pesky raccoon (seriously, how does such a small creature manage to open an ice box and eat 12 eggs and 10 whole avocados?) i'm starting to get used to life on the road. Speaking of, i'd like to introduce Woody, our new van/home. Isn't he handsome?

Lastly, a little interview I did over at Cellar Door Mag which i'd love you to read if you get the chance, thanks Holly! x


  1. Danielle Jeanine LandryApril 25, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    Hi Katie!

    Great pictures of your trip so far. Can't wait to see more!

    When you get to explore San Fran, really try to stop by the Goodwill Thrift Store on the corner of Haight & Cole Sts. and Mission Thrift on Mission St. btw 19th & 20th Sts. These places are friggin' gold mines when it comes to scoring one of a kind vintage finds. And a swing by Amoeba Records also on Haight btw Shrader & Stanyan Sts. will knock your musical socks off. As that Tony Bennett song says, you really can leave your heart in San Francisco. I sure did.

  2. Soo jealous of your adventurous travels. We did a similar California journey last year (only too chicken to camp!). Those racoons sound feisty.. Hope you enjoy Sanoma and drink plenty of wine from those juicy vineyards. If you can scrape together enough dollar you should go up in a hot air balloon, it all looks to dreamy from above. San Fran is also magical, hope you love it all as much as we did.

    Nadia x

  3. Such gorgeous pictures and the interview was lovely, you are very inspiring. xxx

  4. So lovely Lou! When I see all those majestic tall trees you just know you 'aint in Kansas anymore'. Not to self keep a watch out for those pesky racoons. Off to read interview. xxxxx

  5. Missed this til now! I usually check yours and O's sites everyday and was so ecstatic to see a post I missed!! Looks like you're living in a green dream <3
    Your van is SO handsome, I hope he behaves himself. Mont Clare is outdoing himself with his photos and I was so glad to see one of him at the Getty. What a dish!
    Don't forget to take me out and pop me on the table for coffee.
    x x
    Love you, Love Detty

    PS. Skype!

  6. Oh Katie, your travel stories make sooo jealous :) The nature there looks unbelievably gorgeous, and I truly miss San Francisco, it's such a lovely city. It may sound silly but to me it felt a bit like a piece of my europe in the middle of California :) I hope you'll love it as much as I did!
    A big hug from Italy and look forward to see more of your adventures.
    ps - you look ever so stunning in these snaps!!


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