Sunday, April 8, 2012

Doily Art and Farewells

A portrait of Oli and I drawn by a little sweetheart named Talia

After a whirlwind fortnight of farewell parties, driving tests, apartment scrubbing and 24 hour sewing sessions I am currently relaxing in my brothers apartment in Sydney dreaming of the In-N-Out Burger i'll be eating as soon as we get to LA tomorrow. This whole adventure still doesn't feel the slightest bit real, but in 24 hours time we will of waved farewell to Australia and hello to California. Crazy.

Today was my 24th birthday, it was also Easter which was neat as it was like one big Birthday/Easter/Bon-Voyage party rolled into one! After so many months of hard work it was wonderful to have two full days to hang out with my darling family, drink beer and eat delicious festive food. The only way to celebrate.

Well best be trying to get some shut eye, next time we speak I will hopefully be filled to the brim with pie and filter coffee. Until then xx


  1. Happy Birthday and hope you have a great time in Los Angeles and on your trip! Looking forward to your photos x

  2. Happy birthday--glad it was a good one! And what an adorable pic. The artist got your hairstyle perfectly.

  3. Have fun, have a safe and wonderful journey. I hope to keep up-to-date with your adventures here.


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