Friday, May 25, 2012


Photographs by Mont Clare

Back when we were hanging out in San Francisco we spent a day at Alcatraz. Although we're not really into touristy destinations, this was the one place that I knew couldn't be missed. I listened to a bunch of podcasts about the history of Alcatraz (perhaps a little obsessively) last year which fuelled my desire to visit the spooky island.

We listened to an audio tour which guided us through the prison and shared some general history, as well as background on famous inmates, escape attempts and some pretty graphic murder stories. As we strolled through cells where murders had taken place and stood in the dank, musty solitary confinement cells, I must admit I had a pretty bad case of the willies. It was so eerie walking the same floors as Al Capone, George 'Machine Gun' Kelly' and Robert 'The Birdman' Stroud.

The prison was shut down in 1963, however it has been pretty well maintained and the wind whistling through the huge windows breathed a spooky kind of life into the place. I left the island feeling pretty grim, it was an experience I shan't be forgetting anytime soon.


  1. Wonderful reading of your experiences at this most feared of places. You bought Acatraz alive.

  2. Such beautiful photographs and Alcatraz seems like a really great place to visit. Although I've been to SF a dozen times, I've never made it out to Alcatraz. I might have to next time! x

  3. I can't believe that I've lived here in SF for 9 years and have still never gone to Alcatraz. You've totally inspired me to make a summer visit.

  4. I wish I did pay a visit to Alcatraz when I was over in San Francisco a couple years ago, it was a way too short holiday :) I hope I'll have the chance to come back soon, I miss that beautiful city!
    And you lady, you look ever so GORGEOUS! Ahhh those sunnies :)
    Enjoy your trip sweetie!


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