Saturday, May 5, 2012

Girl from the North Country

Photographs by Montclare

Well I've settled into the American way of life without too much effort. As I write this I have a vanilla shake topped with whipped cream and a cherry in my hand and have just polished off a tasty burger.... It is so much easier to eat junk when you're sitting in a tacky themed diner watching Grease on a wall mounted television.

This past week was a dream. We spent a week with Oli's sister in Sonoma and split our time between wine country and San Francisco. We had the absolute pleasure of meeting darling bloggers Ashley, Isla and Jen. Hanging out with these dolls made it pretty hard to wave farewell to San Francisco... I think i'll have to make a return visit in the near future ;)

We are now back on the road, camping in bear country (eeep) and slowly making our way to Portland. Voodoo Donuts here we come!

These photographs were taken on my birthday, the day before we left Australia which seems like years ago. Although I've been a tad slack on the blogging front, Oli has been documenting our travels on film over at Montclare, if you haven't already pop on over. You can also welcome him to Facebook here, he is brand spanking new!


  1. It was so lovely meeting you! I hope you both will visit San Francisco again soon, and perhaps we can have an afternoon date so I can stay out later :-) Have fun camping and such.

  2. Happy birthday.

    I agree with Hannah, that dress is a killer.

    Hey, I am wearing a pair of bathers I bought from you in a pinup shoot on the w/e.

    Australia misses you.


  3. I haven't been on Blogger in weeks and just yesterday I was wondering how you were doing. I looked through your older posts and you look like you're having a great time! All of my friends mom had that minivan when we were kids :)

    Mabel Time

  4. I can't wait to see more photos from your new American life. These are GORGEOUS.
    -Andi x

  5. It's true Australia misses you but I think The US is claiming you as its own!

  6. How wonderful! You are traveling all through my stomping grounds! I am from the San Francisco Bay, currently living in Portland. And my favorite Aunt lives in Sonoma! I hope you have safe travels! :)


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