Sunday, May 20, 2012

Silver Falls

1950s wool jersey knit top - thrifted in Petaluma, CA
1990s Sportscraft skirt - thrifted in Melbourne, VIC
Vintage dream leather hiking boots - thrifted in Fort Bragg, CA

The first few weeks of camping left me completely stumped when it came to getting dressed in the morning. City life was easy, it wasn't unusual for me to wear vintage party dresses, seamed stockings and heels on a daily basis... Sadly that wasn't going to cut it in the wilderness.

This has become my standard camping getup, vintage rayon skirts, soft knit tops and handsome leather boots. Perfect for reading in mossy tree nooks and balancing on ancient fallen redwoods, which reminds me, when back in Australia I never had time to read. Luckily I now have all the time in the world to catch up on all my favourite reads. I love life on the road!


  1. On the road again! Lovely photos....fabulous boots!!

  2. Well you definitely win points for being the first person I've ever seen to wear a skirt while camping. And the mix of long skirt and hiking boots is surprisingly cute.

  3. You are living my dream. I would just love some days to read away in the woods. You still look so amazing, but i'm sure none of that matters as you seem to be having the most wonderful time in amongst all the nature, just as it should be.


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