Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lazy Creek

More often than not we'll hit the jackpot and stumble across a beautiful secluded campground in a National Forest. Lazy Creek in Oregon was one of these beauties. Nestled away in a foresty alcove, we set up camp just a stones throw away from a raging river (complete with white water rafters capsizing) I have such fond memories of this little nook, the weather still being chilly enough to bundle up in woolies and Mont Clare making a roaring fire to toast ourselves by.

We've been hanging around Denver, Colorado this week awaiting the arrival of mail. Its kind of nifty to be stationary for a while in a place that we never really intended to visit for very long. Apart from a trip to the very handsome Rocky Mountain National Park we've been spending a lot of time at Whole Foods, the local library (oh how I've missed you dear friend) and wandering around quaint neighbourhoods.

Today we spent the better half of the morning bobbing around in the Denver Public Swimming Pool like a couple of porpoises. I am now bronzed, waterlogged and as clean as a whistle. In fact, I think this may be the perfect way to escape the summer heat whilst living on the road.


  1. You look stunning, and the hat sets off the outfit perfectly.

  2. I absolutely love how you look next to that river. You whole outfit is stunning and you look really beautiful.

  3. These photos are so beautiful, it sounds like you are having a fabulous time. You're making me dream of my next escape from Australia into the American wilderness!


  4. It looks positively magical.

  5. I was basically going to say what Anushka already did. They are wonderful and you look so beautiful as always. xx


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