Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer's Dawn

During the past few weeks i've been tickled pink to see some of the dresses I made for Audrey Grace popping up across the internet, modelled by some of my very favourite style bloggers.

You can imagine my delight when I saw the Summer's Dawn photo shoot by Simon Filip featuring his beautiful sister/muse Becky wearing a collection of darling dresses available in the Audrey Grace online shop including my very own 'Bluest Eyes in Texas' dress. I have long admired this talented Californian duo and cannot help but feel a rush of pride looking at these photographs.

It has been exactly 3 months, 5 days since I last touched a sewing machine and seeing so many lovely ladies wearing my designs has left me with seriously itchy feet. I am so grateful for this little break as i'm now feeling refreshed, full of inspiration and cannot wait to arrive in New York and start creating again!


  1. She is so breathtaking, and an amazing singer! I love thaat dress & hat

  2. So wonderful, congratulations! These photo's are beautiful and show off your craftmanship perfectly. x

  3. love!

  4. Very beautiful! Congratulations to photographer, model and of course you Miss Lou!

  5. Hello Katie!

    A lovely lady with a lovely dress! Wow, so nice! Congrats!
    Looking for a new sewing machine for your lovely crafts. I got this one for you. Check out brother xl2600i. Hope you like it!


    Dorothy Parker


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