Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Homage to Woody

Lone Rock Beach, UT

Drive-Thru Tree - Leggett, CA

Yellowstone National Park - WY

  Carrizo Plain - CA

Yellowstone National Park - WY

 Highway 101 - CA

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Yellowstone National Park, WY 

McKenzie Bridge, OR

Woody has been many things to us, for one he was the first car either of us had purchased, he was our home and most importantly he was our ticket to freedom in the USA. From waking up in thick abandoned mountain forests, camping out in countless Walmart car-parks and sleeping on the beach with all the doors open and the stars twinkling, he took us everywhere. 

Within hours of his purchase we'd already developed a distinct personality and voice for Woody and he became an active part in most conversations, usually suggesting we stop for milkshakes or abandon our campfire breakfast for diner pancakes.

Needless to say when we made the decision to sell him in Florida and fly to New York (much to Woody's dismay) we were heartbroken, but to drive thousands of miles with no A/C and soaring gas prices just didn't make sense. The only consolation is that the buyer is a die hard Woody fan, he's owned 6 in his time. Could it possibly be that someone could love this rustic wood panelled Chevy Chase-esque van as much as we do? Apparently so.

So after 10,000 miles of life on the road the time has come to say farewell to Woody, we'll miss you buddy!


  1. Sounds like you all formed a lifelong friendship. Your road trip looked amazing if that's any consolation, and that freedom must have been so special! x

  2. Awww au revoir Woody. It looks like you guys shared some very special times. So happy he's gone to a good home. xxx

  3. We will never forget you Woody. xxxxx


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