Monday, September 10, 2012

Briar Rose for Audrey Grace

All photographs courtesy of The Briar Rose Blog

It's always such a nice surprise when I see my handmade dresses being worn by lovely ladies of the internet. This morning I stumbled across this shoot of Megan from The Briar Rose Blog wearing one of the custom dresses I made for Audrey Grace Boutique. I love the English garden setting and the contrast of Megan's magenta locks with the ice blue organza dress.

This girl is seriously the queen of the flower crown, scrolling through her archives I was amazed time and time again by the beautiful selection of floral arrangements adorning her cascading locks. Isn't that butter yellow flower crown with butterflies the greatest?


  1. It must be so exciting seeing someone in one of your creations. It's gorgeous, she really does it justice.

  2. Oooh, the dress looks gorgeous on her! The contrast between her red hair and the ice blue is just stunning.

  3. It most certainly is. She is such a beauty, and so is that lovely dress of yours. xx


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