Saturday, September 8, 2012

Such great heights

Dress - Handmade by me
Shoes - Chelsea Crew

I've been spending a lot of time on the roof lately and thought it may be nice to take a few snaps of my outfit before hitting the town for Mexican and Margaritas last night. It was was pretty momentous evening, not only did I try my very first beergarita but also humiliated myself by asking a 'waiter' for corn chips... as he walked away smiling politely I realised he wasn't a waiter at all, however he ended up bringing me corn chips and we had a good laugh so it all worked out in the end.


  1. is a beergarita when they put an upside-down corona in your drink? i love that, i used to get them at a place here but they closed down. :(

    the dress is beautiful, you're so talented!

    1. Yes it is! Ah what a shame, they're so awesome. I'm sure you could create your own though!

      Thanks so much sweets xx

  2. You look perfect, love your dress. Aha thats sweet the guy still got you them though! xx

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love the contrast of your feminine dress with the severe industrial background.

  4. that anecdote is quite hilarious. as a waitress I have quite a few embarrassing moment similar to that. That dress is to die for, the vibrant colour, the neckline, and of course the lace!

  5. As Charmaine said the contrast is fabulous!

  6. Ha ha well you madea friend or at least had a giggle over your mistaken waiter incident.
    Amazing colours and amazing setting. Like the other's said above, the contrast is so surprising yet so beautiful. xx


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