Monday, October 22, 2012

Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby

Last weekend Oli and I took a day trip to Coney Island. It was just as run down and eerie as I always imagined, serious creepy carnival vibes! We wandered along the boardwalk, ate hot dawgs from Nathan's and looked at photographs of old Coney when seemingly everyone is NYC would visit on the weekend. Later in the afternoon we went on the Wonder Wheel which has crazy carts that travel on winding tracks as you are heading skyward, flinging you out into mid air.

The whole park was covered in spooky Halloween ghouls and spooks which would've had my childhood self running away in hysterics. Nowadays I am much more frightened by the idea of going on the rickety 'Cyclone' roller coaster.

My childhood was littered with bad fun park experiences, from a terrifying Gremlin ride encounter as a 4 year old which haunted me for years to come, to leaving a ghost train with blood streaming down my face as a teen... It's a wonder I dare return! Does anyone have any theme park horror stories? 


  1. Wonderful photos of Coney. Somehow it looks much eerier than Luna which doesnt look eerie at all. Horror got it! Apart from everytime I rode in a ghost train...those things still horrify me. It was a winters night in Luna Sydney after a chance encounter with a twirling barrel ride in their version of Coney Island. For a while there I thought my next ride was going to be to Royal North Shore in an ambulance. Eventually I regrouped long enough to ride the Ferris Wheel overlooking the harbour lights before limping off into the chilly night. I'm never going in that barrel ride again!

  2. waaa!?! I think you owe us a ghost train story!! I've never had any bad experiences at theme parks that I can recall. I just love them to death. I want to visit coney island while it's halloweeny!

  3. Ok, I've always avoided anything that says "ghost" because I'm so easily frightened. Well, I went to the theme park called "Gröna Lund" in Stockholm together with my brother, aunt, and two cousins. My little cousin Olle wanted to go on the ghostride and I thought, since I am grown up now, ok let's give it a try. It ended up with me and Olle screaming at the top of our voices!
    In one part you leave the ride and get out in the sun before you head back in to the ghosthouse. Everyone could see me and my little cousin hugging each other and screaming as the ride was going back in.

    Turns out I'm still afraid of ghosts.

  4. Your photographs are beautiful. I really enjoy looking at all of the photographs on your blog. These, especially. They're very nostalgic. You are such a lovely lady, too. I'm loving your blog! :)

  5. My dad used to be a coach tour driver doing trips from newcastle to the gold coast regularily. When I was about six or seven he took my sister and I along for a trip and the videos (legit VHS back in those days haha) that played on the coach were gremlins and the sequel to gremlins. This freaked me out enough. Dad then took us to movie world and thought it would be a great idea to take me on the Gremlins ride. Not one of his better decisions as I am still traumitised to this day :-S


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