Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After 24 long years of longing, this will be my very first Halloween. As a kiddy I used to watch American movies wide eyed, dreaming of the day I'd get to partake in such a frivolous, treat filled holiday. 

Naturally I've been plotting and scheming my costume ever since I saw the first themed candy hit the shelves. I'm quite taken by these lovely ladies of the sea, if time permits I have high hopes of stitching a spangly tail and adorning myself with a shell brassiere ala Ariel.

Halloween celebrator or not, I'd love to hear about the costume of your dreams!


  1. I too am going as a mermaid! My friends and I love dressing up and costumes, so although Halloween isn't really a thing here we are holding a huuuge party with all the trimmings. Inspiration for my costume came when I opshopped some beautiful sterling silver shell earrings, and my bum-length hair is sure to help.

  2. haha this is a brilliant idea, it's going to take a lot of wiggling though, will you wear high heels as well?
    I feel like going twin peaks-y this year but I haven't settled on which character yet!
    looking forward to seeing your costume later this month xmoira

  3. I've always dreamed of a full Marie Antoinette costume complete with wig but I've never been able to justify the price. This year I think I'm going to be Jem (80's cartoon). Love the vintage mermaid idea. I can totally picture you in it!

  4. Mermaids are so cool! Check out this place, http://weekiwachee.com/. It's a state park in FL :)

    Mona (Mabel)

    Mona's Guide to Pin-Up Style & Makeup

  5. Oh, how exciting, a first halloween!! I've been wanting to do something like this for a couple years now (https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/68045_693115034868_4663933_n.jpg). Still haven't been able to fit the time in to make one.

    Hope your merfolk costume works out!

  6. I'm exactly the same as you, dreaming of Halloween since a child. I was supposed to be in New England this year but plans were postponed. Fingers crossed for a non-Aussie Halloween in 2013? I love your mermaid idea :)

    Kitty & Buck

  7. Aww the waving mermaids from Peter Pan is one of my fave pictures. Can not wait to see you as a Mermaid! Xx


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