Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your two wide arms for an overcoat

Photographs by Oliver Abbott

Not many things from my Melbourne closet made it over to America. I was pretty ruthless in those last few months and vintage darlings were being discarded left, right and centre. Luckily I hung on to a small number of special items. Although it seemed pretty stupid lugging around a suitcase filled with woolies I am now rejoicing. As the Autumn chill has started nipping at my nape i'm ever so grateful that my favourite coat came along for the ride.

These photographs were taken back in Melbourne, where in Winter you can get away with wearing something as simple as this, usually I'd be hiding a sheer summer sundress under my coat. Somehow I think the encroaching New York Winter is going to call for much more...


  1. Oh God, I don't know the meaning of ruthless. And that is one great coat!

  2. beautiful coat! i'm from america but i just went to melbourne and i loved it! i love your blog and i always look forward to your new posts

  3. Beautiful photos, and the coat is gorgeous, I am in need of a new winter coat! xx

  4. This coat is amazing!!! And with regards to summer dresses, are you back on the sewing machine because i would really love some new dresses!!!

  5. Such a stunning coat. Here in Cape Town you can get away with a pretty similar outfit in Winter too.

  6. May I suggest buying a down feather, puffy coat??? You're going to need it :)

    You're going to need something like this in NYC.


    Winter is awesome!!! :)

    Mona (Mabel)
    Guide to Pin-Up Style & Makeup

  7. These pictures are truly stunning! I am in dire need of a good winter coat myself, so this coat looks positively heavenly!

  8. Melbourne winters arent so cold after all? Here in the sub tropics I am always hopeful of a stiff breeze meaning we can finally don a vintage cardi! Sadly cardis are now in recession.


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