Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Between wake and sleep

A few weeks back this wondrous 1920s teddy arrived on my door step. She is made from the softest cotton bastiste and feels like wearing some form of sheer, lace trimmed cloud. I've spoken about my vintage unmentionable's in the past but this baby really takes the cake.

I've been working seven days a week lately, trying my darndest to raise enough clams for our next big adventure at the end of the month. By the time I get home in the evening, after sewing all day long I'm usually pretty beat. All I really want to do is lounge around, swill cinnamon tea and watch Lost for a few hours before hitting the hay. As luck would have it our apartment is so toasty and warm that I don't have to worry about piling on multiple woolly layers, I can simply crawl into my favourite number and call it a day.


  1. More adventures! Your life is so exciting Katie :D Where are you off to next! Good luck with all the hard work, you'r amazing love <3

    1. Thanks Josie <3 I'm working on a post which will reveal all in the next few days! xx

  2. You look so pretty! It is an adorable teddy. And you are lucky to be so warm - our flat is Victorian and has beautiful original sash windows which means all the heat disappears pretty quickly! xx

  3. What a lovely teddie, and it looks so gorgeous on you. Adventures eh? Sounds fun!

  4. It does look like it's been made from a cloud indeed, and you look gorgeous in it!
    Look forward to see where your new adventure will be taking you, sweetie :) Sounds like the best way to start the new year :)
    (Lost!!! I did the whole 'experience' a few months ago, it's SO addictive!)

    1. Thank you Ale <3 We are absolutely hooked on Lost, isn't it the greatest! xx

  5. Hello! I found your Blog because I'm a big fan of Rosaspina Vintage. Your Blog is also very very nice too. Could you please tell me wich lipstick you use? On your post of the 14 of November for example it's wonderful...
    Tank you very much.
    Greeting from a fan from Italy
    PS Excuse my bad english


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