Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This must be the place

Portland through the lens of Mont Clare

This week has been a most joyous one. After months of anxiously awaiting the arrival of my drivers license in the mail and around 7500 miles driven solo by Mont Clare, I finally have it in my clutches! Driving on the opposite side of the road isn't as shocking as i'd imagined and I must say I feel pretty groovy behind the wheel of handsome Woody. We have whizzed through Kansas and windy Oklahoma with the aid of Jumbo iced tea's and Talking Heads on the stereo and are now hot on the heels of Texas.

Looking back at these photographs of Portland makes me realize just how much ground we have covered during our travels. Although living out of a van isn't the height of luxury it is pretty damn awesome and we've grown to love our small home. From pulling up in undiscovered towns late at night to sleeping on the beach with the back open, Woody can't be beat.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lazy Creek

More often than not we'll hit the jackpot and stumble across a beautiful secluded campground in a National Forest. Lazy Creek in Oregon was one of these beauties. Nestled away in a foresty alcove, we set up camp just a stones throw away from a raging river (complete with white water rafters capsizing) I have such fond memories of this little nook, the weather still being chilly enough to bundle up in woolies and Mont Clare making a roaring fire to toast ourselves by.

We've been hanging around Denver, Colorado this week awaiting the arrival of mail. Its kind of nifty to be stationary for a while in a place that we never really intended to visit for very long. Apart from a trip to the very handsome Rocky Mountain National Park we've been spending a lot of time at Whole Foods, the local library (oh how I've missed you dear friend) and wandering around quaint neighbourhoods.

Today we spent the better half of the morning bobbing around in the Denver Public Swimming Pool like a couple of porpoises. I am now bronzed, waterlogged and as clean as a whistle. In fact, I think this may be the perfect way to escape the summer heat whilst living on the road.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This side of paradise

Photograph by Mont Clare

This week has left us with fond memories of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico (for about one mile) and Colorado. Tomorrow we will be heading to Denver and camping out for a few days before making our way to South Dakota. I'm pretty excited to visit the real Deadwood... anyone else a fan? Not to mention Mount Rushmore and Badlands where I will possibly attempt Sissy Spacek makeup.

The days have started warming up recently, I can really feel Summer nipping at my sandaled toes. Two days past we were driving through the semi-arid desert of Arizona, it was stinking hot and just as I thought I could take it no more we stumbled upon a giant lake where we were able to camp on the waterfront for the night,  it was a dream come true. There were about 100 other campers drinking and swimming, it was like one big beach party. Although I left with a nasty sunburn and a few new freckles it was the perfect escape from the desert heat.

In recent years i've grown accustomed to the life of an indoor cat, I stayed inside sewing day after day and when I dared venture out the sunlight hurt my eyes. Over the past few months my love for the great outdoors and nature has flourished, something about the balmy evenings and starry skies have won me over.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bright Light City

Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada! Currently enjoying intense desert heat, novelty sized piƱa coladas and all the tackiness I can lay my eyes on. After weeks of van living I can't express how thrilling it is to stay in a hotel room with a huge bed and shower, I'm like a kiddie on Christmas morn.

Although we had a small gambling frolick we managed to walk away with most of our dignity still intact (mind you, I was kicked out of our hotel pool for inappropriate attire but I promise my scanties were quite modest)

We spent a few days in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park which was incredible. I took a particular interest in the wild Buffalo wandering around our campsites, these creatures are huge! We also stopped by Jackson Hole, Salt Lake City and a handful of Walmart carparks before arriving in Vegas. Inspired by Mont Clare, i've started taking most of my photographs on film, so although I currently have little to show for these adventures you can expect a vacation photo bomb in the coming weeks.... 

I've also been snapping away on my phone and these instagram pictures capture the mood of the last week pretty perfectly.

Waking up in Sin City, NV
Our Vegas home Circus Circus, NV
Dreaming of Voodoo Donuts Bacon Maple Bar, OR
The road to Yellowstone, WY
Waking up with fellow Walmart campers, WA
Hotel bed bliss, NV
Fremont Street Experience, NV