Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So long, Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, leaving a path of destruction behind her. Oli and I are safe and sound, as the storm rolled in last night our internet promptly cut out so we had no idea how bad the damage was until this morning which was pretty nerve racking. We spent the night watching 1930s Murder Mysteries, nibbling on storm snacks that we'd stowed away and decorating our room with candles in case we lost power. I knew that one hundred movie box set would come in handy one day.

This morning cabin fever began to set in so we took an immensely windy stroll to a nearby cafe for a cup of tea. I was delighted to see most of the neighbourhood had the same idea, the cafe/donut bar was bursting at the seams and our bow tied sever couldn't make the donuts fast enough as everyone exchanged stories and warmed their chilly hands with cups of jo and tea.

Sending my love to all the East Coasters out there, I hope you're faring well x

Saturday, October 27, 2012

In the middle of the night I call your name

Last night my housemate came into the bedroom and declared that Oliver and I reminded him of John and Yoko, the way we spent every moment possible hanging out in bed together. This was perhaps the greatest compliment I'd ever received and this song instantly popped into my mind where it's been lingering ever since. I'm hoping we can soon venture into Bagism as eating copious amounts of chocolate whilst nestled in a bag sounds pretty good to me.

I yearn for the weekends as we can stage lengthier bed-ins. Tucked away in a loft drinking endless cups of tea, eating New York cheesecake, watching X-Files and spooning is the life for me. With all of these boudoir activities I thought I'd share my favourite lounging outfit, the most beautiful white cotton Edwardian corset cover and pair of drawers. If I had to choose one outfit to wear for eternity, this would most certainly be it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby

Last weekend Oli and I took a day trip to Coney Island. It was just as run down and eerie as I always imagined, serious creepy carnival vibes! We wandered along the boardwalk, ate hot dawgs from Nathan's and looked at photographs of old Coney when seemingly everyone is NYC would visit on the weekend. Later in the afternoon we went on the Wonder Wheel which has crazy carts that travel on winding tracks as you are heading skyward, flinging you out into mid air.

The whole park was covered in spooky Halloween ghouls and spooks which would've had my childhood self running away in hysterics. Nowadays I am much more frightened by the idea of going on the rickety 'Cyclone' roller coaster.

My childhood was littered with bad fun park experiences, from a terrifying Gremlin ride encounter as a 4 year old which haunted me for years to come, to leaving a ghost train with blood streaming down my face as a teen... It's a wonder I dare return! Does anyone have any theme park horror stories? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your two wide arms for an overcoat

Photographs by Oliver Abbott

Not many things from my Melbourne closet made it over to America. I was pretty ruthless in those last few months and vintage darlings were being discarded left, right and centre. Luckily I hung on to a small number of special items. Although it seemed pretty stupid lugging around a suitcase filled with woolies I am now rejoicing. As the Autumn chill has started nipping at my nape i'm ever so grateful that my favourite coat came along for the ride.

These photographs were taken back in Melbourne, where in Winter you can get away with wearing something as simple as this, usually I'd be hiding a sheer summer sundress under my coat. Somehow I think the encroaching New York Winter is going to call for much more...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Song

Cloche - gift from Oli's Ma
1950s sweater - gift from my housemate
Fletcher Jones skirt - gift from my Mum
Shoes - Chelsea Crew
1950s seamed stockings - Ebay

It wasn't until I wrote this post that I realised I was wearing an almost entirely gifted outfit, what a lucky lass I am! This past Monday I was delighted to have one of my favourite gal pal's Anja in town. I caught up for a tipple with Emily, Amy and Anja at a old fashioned bar in Williamsburg, it was the very best way to kick off the working week. Anywhere that adorns the tabletops with flickering candles and labels the bathroom the 'WC' is the place for me.

The past few nights Oli and I nestled ourselves in the loft and indulged in our new obsession, The X-Files. I was always too terrified to watch it as a kid and to be honest I am still pretty scared. I do a lot of hands over the eyes and I've had a fair few spooky nightmares this week but its well worth it if I get to eyeball Mulder episode after episode. I'd love to hear about your favourite television series, past or present!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spirit of Jazz

Back when we were living on the road we headed through Louisiana and spent one very hot Summer's day in New Orleans. The adventure began with some of the greatest BBQ I've ever tasted. Pulled pork, beef brisket, corn bread, mac 'n' cheese and coleslaw that tasted so darn good I thought my mouth would explode. My heart is still a little broken that I was way too full to squeeze in any pecan pie.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the French Quarter. The old buildings were so beautiful, such a juxtaposition to the sites we'd seen over the past week as we travelled through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. I couldn't help but envision the old Storyville days, semi clad women leaning over the verandas beckoning passes by. There were horse and buggy tours a plenty trotting by and I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I stood awfully close to one buggy as the guide gave a thorough history of the area. Did I hear some stories!

After hearing some incredible impromptu jazz, downing some icy beverages, wandering through every cobblestone street in sight and soaking up some voodoo vibes we called it a day, climbed into Woody and headed towards Alabama.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Falling Leaves


1950s wool jersey top- thrifted in Calfornia
Lion belt - thrifted in Washington
1940s Skirt - thrifted in California
Shoes - Chelsea Crew
1950s seamed stockings - Ebay

There has been a cool change this week and as far as I'm concerned it couldn't have come sooner. Each morning I find myself grinning from ear to ear as I roll out of bed into stockings and wrestle forgotten woolies out from the bottom of my suitcase. I always feel a tad out of sorts during the Summer and never put all that much effort into my outfits, If I had my way I'd spent the entire three months in underwear and bare feet.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Autumn or Fall for you Northernersis the sudden appearance of pumpkin related delights in the grocery store. Pumpkin spice roobios tea, pumpkin teacake, pumpkin beer, pumpkin chai, pumpkin macarons and about a million other varieties of sweet pumpkiny treats. Who would've thought an ol' pumpkin could be so darn versatile?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After 24 long years of longing, this will be my very first Halloween. As a kiddy I used to watch American movies wide eyed, dreaming of the day I'd get to partake in such a frivolous, treat filled holiday. 

Naturally I've been plotting and scheming my costume ever since I saw the first themed candy hit the shelves. I'm quite taken by these lovely ladies of the sea, if time permits I have high hopes of stitching a spangly tail and adorning myself with a shell brassiere ala Ariel.

Halloween celebrator or not, I'd love to hear about the costume of your dreams!