Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coney Island Dream

Photographs by Oliver

You may remember back in October when Oli and I spent a day at Coney Island, eating hot dawgs and riding the Wonder Wheel. I blogged about it here but it completely slipped my mind that Oli was snapping away on black and white film. These photographs pretty accurately convey the creepy feeling that lingered in the air, fun parks are usually pretty spooky but Coney really takes the cake. It wouldn't have surprised me to see ghosts from bygone eras riding the ancient Merry-Go-Round or strolling along the boardwalk hand in hand.

This week we've made a big ol' dent in the Deep South and waved farewell to North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississipi and Louisiana. We are currently smack bang in the middle of Texas eating as much BBQ as physically possible and eyeing off some mighty fine ten gallon hats worn by the locals. 


  1. In love with these photos. I've always pictured in my dreams a sort of dark/mysterious sort of theme park. I love that mental picture of the ghosts. Am I weird for thinking about how beautiful that would be? Perfect post.
    xo, Tori

  2. No Tori I'm loving those ghosts too! And I'm loving Coney! Happy travels as you continue on your wonderful adventure traversing The USA. xxxx

  3. Oli always takes the most charming pictures and you are a dream sweetie! The shot with the mirror left me speechless :)
    You blend in this atmosphere so well, and make me wish I managed to visit Coney before the hurricane arrived back in october!
    Have a lovely trip my dear xxx

  4. These photos are amazing. So majestic and lovely.
    Bethan xx

  5. I visited Coney Island this summer, and I loved it! It totally felt like ghosts of past eras were still there. Also, drug dealers. Beautiful pictures. The black and white really captures the timelessness of the park.



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