Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lost Without You

Edwardian dress - American eBay
Gold pendant - belonged to my Grandmother
1950s straw bonnet - Gift from Eloise
Leather boots - Antique mall in Cambria, California

This outfit or some variation of it has been my mountain uniform of late. White dress, leather boots, straw hat and I'm out the door. A few weeks back I pulled this dream dress off the wall, where I'd been gazing longingly at it for far too long. As I sheepishly asked Oli to fasten the 15 tiny shell buttons running up the back, I was delighted to discover that each and every one actually did up! I guess my American diet of cheeseburgers, Pabst Blue Ribbon and cherry pie had come between us in the past.

I have a small favour to ask of you. For the past six months I've dedicated my life to Lost. I never mentioned it all that much but we were living and breathing the happenings of that creepy old island. Since watching the season finale I'm feeling like a part of me is missing, akin only to post Twin Peaks melancholia. I'd love to hear some of your favourite series that may help me overcome this heartache. Oh, and kudos to anyone that recommends a show starring Desmond Hume or Sawyer...


  1. Gorgeous.
    I never watched Lost, but was slightly obsessed by Pushing Daisies. Also love Black Books, which we have the box set of. Also Father Ted, and SATC is a good thing to fall back on on a road trip (I'm currently working on an extended one, a UK tour of a theatre show...)

  2. Not that it's very similar to either Lost or Twin Peaks but Boardwalk Empire is amazing!

  3. Oh how romantic are your photos! Very envious of the way you work the dress and boots :)

  4. I felt I lost LOST - pardon the pun - way before that last season, and I also had a numbing feeling inside that lasted me for quite a while. It has been slightly filled in by things as Supernatural - I honestly will die a little when they kill it - Pretty Little Liars - do not take it as face value of another teenage show, it is not. - Poirot recaps, Miss Marple, and lately Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch. Also Revenge helps, as does Da Vinci's Demons, as did the whole series of Spartacus - if you're in the mood to watch nearly naked aussie and kiwi actors full of muscles, as I am... hope this helps!! Love and envy the dress, very Picnic at Hanging Rock appropriate.

  5. My favorite show of all time is six feet under. It is an hbo show and has the best ending to a series that I have ever seen, I would highly recommend it.

  6. At the moment my favourites are:
    Bomb Girls
    The Hour
    *both of which have fabulous period 40s-50s costumes
    and of coarse Game of Thrones

    I highly recommend giving either of those a go.

  7. Lovely dress ! In addition to some already mentioned we have enjoyed Breaking Bad, The Vikings, Dollhouse, and Generation Kill. My favourite series of all time is Battlestar Galactica if you like sci-fi (or Farscape - that's good too !) :)

  8. This post is perfect, YOU are perfect! This dress is so gorgeous and romantic, it was meant for you. These photos are so perfectly ghostly and haunting. I would love to hear about any new series you delve into, I'm the same way with Twin Peaks! xx
    Tori Lynne

  9. I second watching Six Feet Under--one of my favorite shows, ever. Definitely a good series to get absorbed in.

  10. You are such a timeless beauty!

  11. These photos are exquisite and a fine farewell to mountain days. Boardwalk Empire would be my suggestion too. xxx

  12. This look is amazing, really love the romantic dress with the hat!

    Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥ https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2WNTNCY

  13. Hey Katie, as I know your style through your blog and instagram I think you'll probably like my lace concept giveaway!

    Hugs and good luck for moving <3

  14. Desmond has been in any number of shows recently :) He's always the bad guy though!
    He was in the Mentalist, I think he appeared in the Following and in something else, but I forget what!

    Lovely dress!


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