Saturday, March 23, 2013

I have no fear, I have only love

Just when I thought the chilly Autumn air had set in for good, a blissfully warm Saturday was bestowed upon us. We made an early start to stock up on terracotta pots, gardening supplies and snacks, then got to work repotting orphaned succulents. I've never had a garden to tend to before and am taking this newly acquired responsibility very seriously. Having said that, I did almost kill one of our beloved house plants today with an overwatering catastrophe... lesson learnt.

I've spent the past few days painstakingly mending a plethora of vintage which I gathered during our time in America. Some just need an odd button or a thorough ironing but other pieces like this beautiful Edwardian blouse require countless hours of tedious hand sewing, accompanied by copious cups of tea and cadbury creme eggs. It was well worth the mammoth mending effort. Made of the softest cotton I've ever felt, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this century year old blouse has a few more decades of wear left in her.

Next up in the mending queue is a ratty 1920s silk gown, I cannot wait to bring this baby back to life!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Falling for you

Lately Oli and I have become quite fond of pulling on our hiking boots and taking an afternoon stroll around the mountains. There are so many incredible walking trails and we intend on seeing each and every one of them. I love how each day the mountains look entirely different to the day before, my favourite days are the misty moody ones when everything looks mysterious and eerie. You can see Leura Cascades in some of these photos, one day soon we're going to fill our rucksacks full of snacks and hike all the way down to the bottom of the falls.

I had to giggle when I saw the seventh photograph, if you look closely you'll spy a tiny fly perched on my back. Its strange, after being overseas for a year I thought the presence of these tiny winged critters would serve as a constant annoyance upon our return. However, they are so ingrained in the Australian way of life that I hardly notice them, I simply issue a quick Aussie Salute and get on with my day.

Our little mountain cottage is coming along nicely. This week we not only acquired a kettle, two handsome houseplants and enough earthenware to last a lifetime, but perhaps the most exciting addition for me, a brand new industrial sewing machine. The hardest part of living on the road had to be the inability to whip up a frock whenever I felt the desire, I am so excited to get back into the swing of things. In the coming weeks I'll be reopening my etsy shop and sharing some brand new designs with you! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mellow Yellow


Greetings from our very own mountain cottage in Katoomba. A few days after my last post we received the call we'd anxiously been awaiting, loaded all our worldly possessions into the car and headed for the hills with a bicycle and ironing board precariously teetering on the roof. The first night we slept on the floor and the first week was spent without a fridge.... As a habitual tea drinker I poured far more chunky milk into my cup than I'd care to recall. Thankfully we are now sleeping soundly and enjoying chilled perishables.

One of the biggest perks of living out here is having a beautiful garden full of flowers, I can't resist pinning them in my bob and filling the house with fragrant blooms. We also have a big ol' lime tree in the back yard and lavender bushes as far as the eye can see, heck its like the Garden of Eden!

It always slips my mind just how long and just how many pennies it takes to set up a house, but slowly enough this funny little cottage is beginning to feel like home. Once we're all settled I'll be sure to share some pictures of our handsome set up, suffice to say the mountain op shops have old fashioned pricing and have treated us mighty kindly.