Monday, August 26, 2013

On the road at Big Sur

"On soft Spring nights I'll stand in the yard under the stars - Something good will come out of all things yet - And it will be golden and eternal just like that - There's no need to say another word."     -  Jack Kerouac, Big Sur

After such a prolonged absence I figured it was high time to resurrect this little blog o' mine. I'm not gonna lie, the past few months have been pretty damn rough... Heartbreak isn't easy, but you know, change is good. My new life in Sydney is pretty wonderful. I'm surrounded by good eggs, am working a seamstress job where I get to hang out with a French Bulldog AND am living in the most beautiful Edwardian terrace in Glebe (for those that follow me on instagram, I'm sure you're familiar with my super girly wallpapered floral graveyard room by now) It's hard to be down in the dumps when life is treating me so well, heck I've even taken up ice skating!

I've even managed to gather enough dollhairs to get the rest of my film from America developed. Whilst I hunt for a new photographer to help me with blog photo's I'll be sharing my favourite road trip destinations, I hope you're ready for some serious Americana! Big Sur is without a doubt my favourite place in the entire world, If I hadn't seen it in the flesh I'd have a hard time believing this magical place really exists. I know I've proclaimed my love for Big Sur a few times in the past (here and here) so I won't rabbit on too much. I've only visited in the chiller months, but as the weather warms up I often find myself daydreaming of lazy Sur summers, floating around in a rubber tube under the redwoods with a frosty Sierra Nevada in my paws... 

For anyone thats had the pleasure of visiting, does it haunt your dreams the way it does mine?