Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Home is where I lie my head

 Castillo de San Marcos - St Augustine, Florida

Rolling Hills - unknown Interstate, California

Abandoned pool - Crooked River State Park, Georgia

Wide open road - unknown

Biltmore Estate - Asheville, North Carolina

 Sundown - Brick House campground, South Carolina

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California

Snowed in - Lake Placid, New York

Charismatic cacti - Joshua Tree, California

Abram Falls - The Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Footprints - Anastasia State Park, Florida

Thanksgiving  - Central Park, New York

The Promised Land - Yosemite, California

The Last Sunset - Jalama Beach, California

Maybe I'm just no good at city slicking but lately I've been pretty besotted by the notion of freedom. Every spare moment is spent cramming my senses with as much nomadic music, poetry and film as I can get my greedy paws on. Despite my initial eagerness to nest I knew it wouldn't take long before the desire to be back on the open road was rekindled. To me, there will never be anything sweeter then rising with the morning birds to an unfamiliar landscape, uncertain of what town or state I'll be calling home for the night.

This is a collection of my very favourite photographs taken in America. Some places you may recognise, some you may not, but I think this set as a whole does a darn good job of depicting that sense of freedom I'm hankering for...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm Back With Scars to Show

I thought I'd break up my travel posts with a few cheeky outfit shots grabbed here and there, mixed with some random film photographs. It's funny looking back at all the photos from the past 6 months, although not that much time has passed I feel like my style is on the verge of rebirth. My hair is much darker and I'm growing it a little bit, Oh and I also have a funny bobbed lady adorning my arm whom I couldn't adore more. Whenever I go through a big life change I inadvertently reinvent myself, I'm still in the cocoon stage at the moment but am excited t see what kinda butterfly will emerge in the coming months..

This past week has been a bit of a doozy. What started out as a mild case of tonsillitis developed into a somewhat serious abscess on my tonsil, resulting in a painful stint in hospital. I won't say much more.. but guys, it was pretty damn gross. I'm back at home now, despite feeling weak as a kitten I am so much better than I was. Plus, my awesome brother took me out for gelato upon my release and filled my freezer with enough Messina to last a lifetime! As I'll be confined to my bed for the next week, any links to funny animal memes or sappy rom coms would be much appreciated x

At least I'll be bedridden in this baby...