Friday, November 22, 2013

All the Roses

1950s dress - Dear Golden via Eloise
Seamed Stockings - Jonathon Aston
Shoes - Chelsea Crew
Perfume - Roses de Chloé

Roses seem to be consuming my life of late. If you follow my instagram this probably comes as no surprise. There are now so many dried roses adorning my walls that sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and fear/secretly hope that I've been smuggled into a giant potpourri bag. I didn't realise my obsession was so obvious but I think almost everyones caught on. Last weekend whilst out at a concert I even had someone make the connection that I was swilling rosé, wearing a rose coloured dress and had a rose tattoo (I didn't dare mention that the tattoo was a little tribute my mother and I got for my Grandmother, whose maiden name was... Rose)

I thought it only fitting to take some photographs in whats fast become one of my favourite rose gardens in Sydney. I'd only visited the Royal Botanic Gardens once before, in the dead of winter when there wasn't a petal in sight. You can imagine my delight when I arrived to find row after row of the most beautiful sweet smelling blooms. I know I mentioned Brideshead in my last post, but as I teetered in the garden bed with thorns snagging my stockings and rose petals brushing against my cheek I couldn't help but think of this...

"Just the place to bury a crock of gold... 
I should like to bury something precious in every place where I've been happy and then, 
when I was old and ugly and miserable,
 I could come back and dig it up and remember."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fright Night

Nana Mouskouri, 1920s corpse, Miss Havisham, the lovely Caitlin

Sebastian Flyte and Dead Gatsby

I couldn't resist the temptation to post these delightfully trashy polaroids and disposable film photographs taken at a Halloween party a few weeks back. Believe it or not this was the first time I've celebrated this spooktacular holiday and I must say, the bar has been set pretty damn high for next year. I'm not entirely sure what my costume was, some form of 1920s blood soaked floral zombie woman... I really just wanted to wear this dress which was already tattered beyond repair and begging to be worn to one last soiree. By the end of the night it was literally hanging on by a thread. Unbeknownst to me, I was shimmying around in a girdle to Rihanna with the blood stained dress trailing behind me like a gory bridal train. 

The highlight of the evening would have to of been when I heard Caitlin's very favourite song playing, flung myself out of the bathroom and galloped towards the dance floor. Obviously my excitement (and the entire bowl of punch which Eloise and I allegedly commandeered) had momentarily blinded me as my face collided with a bannister and I tumbled elegantly down the stairs. Never one to let an injury get in the way of a good time, I crawled into the nearest room begging the occupants for mercy before springing to my feet and continuing the revelry. The next morning not only was I sporting some pretty gnarly bumps and bruises, but also my very first black eye. 

So, now that I've humiliated myself beyond salvation, I feel it only fair that I hear some of your most frightful Halloween horror stories!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rosaspina Vintage A/W 2013

This week whilst struggling through a pre-summer heatwave I opened an email from my lovely friend Ale and was swept into an autumnal dream. You may remember me gushing about Ale's last collection back in May, well my socks have been knocked off yet again.

Featuring the most beautiful frocks, darling capes, pleated skirts and handsome shorts the Rosaspina Vintage A/W 2013 collection is an absolute dream. I'd be hard pressed choosing a favourite piece, however I'm particularly smitten with the Little Red Riding Hood cape, isn't it just the perfect winter wardrobe staple? Oh how I wish I could jump a plane to a chillier climate and wear that baby every single day..

You can shop the collection here and see the rest of the lookbook here. Pieces are limited so if something woo's you be sure to snatch it up post haste (before I beat you to it..)