Friday, February 14, 2014

A Bee in Your Boudoir

Photographs by Tim of Nicol & Dime

1920s Kimono - Rozelle SVDP
Suspender belt - What Katie Did
Seamed stockings - Voodoo
Abundance of roses - Harris Farm

Whether you love Valentines Day, detest it or are impartial, I'm sending you all my love regardless <3 <3 <3 As my sweetheart is currently eating pastries in France (soon to be riding mules in Morocco!!!)  I'm planning on swanning around my attic in silk robes, swilling summer wine and listening to this cheeky little song on repeat.... Sounds pretty darn perfect to me!


  1. Perfection ! Sophisticated poses and fabulous body.

  2. oh darling!!! that are amazing and beautiful photos!, this is romantic, sublime and beauty!!! <3

  3. I am just madly in love with this shoot! It is perfection.

  4. You manage to always be so elegant Katie, such a gift! Happy belated Valentine's day you too <3

  5. Great artist! I'm really loving your collection and all these vintage clothing. It's marvelous! And very romantic

    But we have a problem... The model... She's gorgeous.

    I just can't pay attention for long without fall in love with you, Katie.

  6. i love the one where it looks like the roses are growing from the top of the thigh high... it makes me think there could be a funny diy vase...


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