Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Rocks

Photographs by Tim of Nicol & Dime

Dress - The Vintage Drawer
Seamed stockings - Voodoo
Shoes - Novo
Bag - Thrifted in California
Sunglasses - Etsy

Although I've been living in Sydney for almost seven months now I still feel like a bit of a blow in. I know the Inner West like the back of my hand but drop me outside that hep pocket and I'm like a little lost lamb. Last Friday Tim and I spent the day moseying around the Rocks and I gotta say, it is one of my very favourite Harbour City haunts. The crumbling sandstone staircases, trailing vines and cobblestoned alleys have won this bobbed lady over for good.

After hours of exploring and historical house touring (more on that later) we figured it was high time to wet our whistles at one of the many beautiful 19th century tiled pubs in the area. Just as my thirst had hit its peak a group of digital photography students appeared out of thin air and asked us to be their portrait subjects. As luck would have it the instructor also took a few shots on Tim's camera and boy did she know how to work that manual setting, kudos to her for that first photograph!

I have so many photographs from this day so keep your eyes peeled for a little follow up post including some handsome sepia portraits and a wee bit of local history. Also, I know my blog has had tumbleweeds blowing through it this past year but I'm trying my darndest to breathe new life into her! I have plenty of posts in the making which i'm awfully excited to share, if you have any ideas for posts you'd like to see I'd absolutely love to hear from you x

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Robed in Roses

Photographs by Tim of Nicol & Dime

1920s Kimono - Rozelle SVDP
Suspender belt - What Katie Did
Seamed stockings - Voodoo

Aloha 2014! By this point you're probably well aware that I enjoy lounging around in vintage unmentionables. Combine this with a few bottles of pops, some twinkling candles and endless bouquets of roses and I'm in seventh heaven. Maybe add a kebab for good measure... although it doesn't feature in this post, rest assured there were one or two consumed throughout the evening.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect vintage kimono for several years now, my lovely mother has always had such an enviable collection and I figured it was high time to start my own. Shortly after this revelation I stumbled into a local Vinnie's, and I couldn't believe my luck when I spied this exquisite hand painted silk gem for a mere nine clams. Just when I thought vintage was dead...