Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Forgotten Flora

With working full time, tap dancing, french lessons, a few cheeky vinos here and there and a handful of creative endeavours in the works, I've been quite the busy bee. I'm finding it quite the challenge to keep up with internet life, but hey, I'll give it a red hot go!

A few days past when I was rummaging through my iPhoto I stumbled across these forgotten film photographs from way back in November. A time when my hair was much shorter and I was oh so reluctant to flash my crooked smile in front of a camera... My tendency to creep around in flower beds however, has thankfully remained the same.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Bee in Your Boudoir

Photographs by Tim of Nicol & Dime

1920s Kimono - Rozelle SVDP
Suspender belt - What Katie Did
Seamed stockings - Voodoo
Abundance of roses - Harris Farm

Whether you love Valentines Day, detest it or are impartial, I'm sending you all my love regardless <3 <3 <3 As my sweetheart is currently eating pastries in France (soon to be riding mules in Morocco!!!)  I'm planning on swanning around my attic in silk robes, swilling summer wine and listening to this cheeky little song on repeat.... Sounds pretty darn perfect to me!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Last night I was scrolling through Pinterest plotting all sorts of elaborate 1930s showgirl outfits when I noticed a few of my handmade dresses. Its always a pleasant surprise to stumble across photo shoots featuring my frocks that for one reason or another had slipped under my radar. 

These darlings are available now at Audrey Grace Boutique.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Siren Song

Photographs by Tim of Nicol & Dime

Dress - Katie-Louise Ford Handmade
Teaspoon bracelet- 21st Birthday gift made by my Pappa
Paper hair flowers - Clegs

After seven long months without a sewing machine I've suddenly found myself with not one, but three at my disposal. In a flurry of excitement I whipped up this sweetheart in three hours flat. I've had this dreamy cotton voile hanging round for eons, I must of adored it a bit too much as I couldn't for the life of me decide what style of frock to make of it. In the end I bit the bullet and settled on a simple cut with underlying Virgin Suicidey/Picnic at Hanging Rock vibes.. Surprise, surprise! I wore it to a Nicol soiree in Cronulla over the weekend and it proved to be the perfect thing for a backyard BBQ and bare footed sunset jaunt to the seaside.

Although my first Sydney summer has been rather mild thus far, I'm told that come mid February I'll be begging for mercy. When these days come I have a feeling this dress will be worth its weight in gold...