Friday, March 21, 2014

Carried Away

Photographs by Tim of Nicol & Dime

1930s Dress - Little Ghost Vintage
Shoes Novo
Nude seamed stockings - WDK via Dames of Distinction

A few weeks back in honour of my loves birthday, Valentines Day and his return to Australia, we jumped on a mountain bound train for a cheeky little Flapper Dapper Vacay. Despite being in the midst of Australian Summer, we arrived to find the mountains shrouded in an icy mist, which for lovers of winter woollies like ourselves, was a dream come true. I momentarily shed my coat and gloves to snap some pictures of one of my very favourite dresses, whose tartan trim coincidentally matches one of Tim's very favourite ties.

We stayed in the Carrington Hotel, a grand old Victorian hotel with more stained glass, chandeliers, creaky floorboards and plush velvet fainting couches than I ever thought imaginable. Built in 1882 it is the only 19th century grand resort hotel still operating in New South Wales. I've been creeping around this place for years but staying the night took my adoration to a whole new level, I left daydreaming of taking up residence there full time, ala Jack Torrance.

On a side note -  for anyone who follows along on my instagram, you'll know that I've recently traded in my signature bob in favour of a strawberry blonde curly mop (soon to be platinum) you can expect her to be making an appearance here very soon...